Technical analysis and research against non usual market activities

MathCraft Sdn Bhd


Real Time Stock Screener

Perform real time screening towards more than 1000 counters in Bursa Malaysia.

Screening Modules

Various of custom screening modules that can be chosen by users such as Swing, Major Breakout, Intraday Breakout, Multiple Screening, Stock Characteristics Analysis and Risk Profile Analysis. These modules can meet any user requirement to trade in Bursa Malaysia.

Portfolio Management and Monitoring

This function to helps user to track down the movement of their favorite stocks which meet their criteria of screening.

Online Trading Journal

To be consistent in trading, Trading record and trading journal is compulsory for every trader to allow them to reanalyze and reevaluate the performance of their trading. Taranum OTJ will allow trader to update their trade via online and will link to the trainer to give feed back on their trade performance. This will create continuous support between trainer and trader.

who will benefits from it

TARANUM algorithms was specially crafted and designed for short term trader. This can meet various of short term trader whether they like to trade as intraday trader, scalpers or even short term contra trading period. 

What is in the starter package?

  •  3 Full days training inclusive meal
  •  3 months subscription
  •  Manual / Handouts
  •  3 months technical support

What is the cost for subscription renewal?

The user can continue the usage of Taranum by renewing the subscription at cost of RM 900.00 for 3 months.


Combo Screening 89%
Intraday Screening 61%
Swing Screening 71%
Major Breakout Screening 43%
Intraday Breakout Screening 79%

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