New Subscription


This new subscription only available for new user subscription only. The user required to attend 3 days training (2 days technical training and 1 day live trading session) at our training center.




Taranum System for New Subscription


This Taranum System applicable for new user subscription. In this package, the user will receive the following items:

  • 3 Days Taranum System Training
    • In this training, the new user will learn and expose with new method of screening a potential stocks through real time Taranum stock screener. This 3 days training will equip new user for the approach on how Taranum can helps them in determine potential stocks to move in short period of time. The user will have an experience with Taranum and learn about finding swing stock, breakout stocks, and reduce more than 80% time needed to conduct depth analysis in findings the right stock to purchase.
    • meal and manual will be provided.
    • The user is required to bring own laptop for the training.


  • 3 Months Taranum Subscription
    • New user will receive a Taranum Access ID
    • 3 months full access to the all Taranum system features.