Equity Sentry



Equity Sentry widely known as E-Sentry is a light weight Automated Trading System for Bursa Malaysia. It is based on Virtual Cloud Services where you are no longer need to sit in front of computers to monitor your favorite stocks movement. E-Sentry perform stocks screening to identify any potential stocks to buy, perform real time monitoring towards favorite and watchlist, and even can perform automatic buy and sell on behalf of the you.

By engaging E-Sentry, you can set your personal preferences trading strategies by choosing either Swing or Breakout strategies, and you  also can set your personal risk reward ratio to control the risk of losses and maximize your profit.

We believe, by applying appropriate trading controls using E-Sentry, you can enjoy good profit return without worry about controlling the risk of losses.



Safeguard, Monitor and React towards your equity portfolio and watchlist.

E-Sentry is based on Monthly Subscription which is cost you on average of RM67 daily to enable the service to monitor your stock watchlist, screening your favorite counters and execute buy and sell on behalf of you automatic.  E-Sentry was designed for trading not investing. By focusing on equity trading, you are NOT required to have so much money to start. E-Sentry require as low as RM5000 as your capital to start the automatic trading which is need to be deposited into your CDS account. If you don’t have CDS account, our valued stock broking partners will assists you on that.

E-Sentry using high speed cloud services which can helps you in terms of :

  • Automated Monitoring your Equity Portfolio and Watchlist
  • Automated Execution Buy & Sell
  • Providing High Speed Internet Connectivity and High Availability
  • Best performing strategies : Swing & Breakout
  • Providing comprehensive Money Management
  • Providing comprehensive Risk Reward Ratio
  • Providing Real time screening and execution

For a first time user, you are required to attend the 2 days training to ensure you are fully equipped with the right knowledge and preparing yourself for HFT and automated Trading system through E-Sentry.

In this package includes:

30 Days  E-Sentry Cloud Services Access

2 Days E-Sentry Training

You can stop the services anytime with the minimum of subscription is 30 Days. If E-Sentry suitable and meet your expectation, you can continue for the next following months with the cost of  RM 2000.00 for 30 days usage. (RM 67 daily)