MathCraft has developed a real time trading system to manage buying and selling transactions in the Malaysian stock market. The development that began in 2012, has been through several revolutions starting from real time screening development so as to conduct automatic sell and buy transaction.

As an IT company that focused on financial technology development, MathCraft had established a collaboration with the Faculty of science, Department of mathematics, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,  in developing an algorithms and methods for the continuous analysis of stock movements and some other trading instruments such as the movement of market prices for crude palm oil and crude oil.


A system embedded with dedicated hardware to perform  a high computation analysis to screen any potential counters in Bursa Malaysia that meet several pre-defined strategies that can be selected  by the users and perform automated buy and sell transactions on behalf of users.

Enhancement of conventional algorithmic trading into Artificial Intelligence Automated Trading system, Elfstone has step up into next level by integrate with automated real time simulation analysis to helps user to simulate and test any strategies and trading policies to ensure the strategies selected can work and perform with current market condition.

Elfstone helps users especially for those who do not have time to monitor the movement of the stocks, to analyze any potential stocks to buy, and even to manage an emotion in execution of buy and sell in Bursa Malaysia. It helps to reduce more than 80 percents task in trading and remove the complexity of technical analysis.

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Technical Analysis & Research Against Non Usual Market activities known as TARANUM is a web based real time stock screening for Bursa Malaysia. It provides real time analysis towards the movement of more than 1000 stocks in Bursa Malaysia by screening each of the stocks that meets user requirement and criteria such as swing strategy, breakout strategy, intraday strategies and combination of strategies.

Taranum comes with complete package that required by any users who want to take trading in Bursa Malaysia as a career. It has a portfolio monitoring module to track down any movement towards user’s favourite stocks and will inform the user if the stocks movement trigger their strategy.

Taranum comes together with online trading journal for easy book keeping and trading recording. This is very useful for those who want to track down and reanalysis the performance of their trades and share it with the Taranum trainer to redefine trading tune especially in increase the accuracy and to get better result in trading.

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