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T.A.R.A.N.U.M is a live stock-screening systems which can help the traders pick the right stock at the right moment without having to rely much on the chart and technical analysis.  T.A.R.A.N.U.M is a short form for Technical Analysis Research Against Non Usual Market activities.

You will get a live screening systems that can help you decide on the stocks to buy.  It is not a compulsory to understand in depth about chart and technical analysis. But it will it will be an advantage if you have the basic knowledge on that.

After the registration, you are entitled to:

  • 3 days training (inclusive of 1 day live trade – a hands-on experience where we trade and make profit on that day!)
  • 3 months of TARANUM subscription (worth RM900!)
  • 3 months free monthly live trade in KL.
  • 3 months of active and fun support group (You won’t regret being in this group!).

The system is designed for intraday trading to short term trading. You can make profit daily and at least within T4 period. The system have different strategies to fit your trading characteristics, your life and works. We will help you to determine the suitable strategies to fits your trading style.

Knowing TA is an advantage but its not compulsory. The TA is being done by the system automatic. The trading strategies that can fit you is the is the key to unlock your trading potential. You just need to understand to read the system and understand the flow. Thats it!

You don’t have to be cash rich to trade. Trading is not investing. The bullet management is a must and synchronize with your trading strategies that we crafted for you and only you with the system. Remember, different people has different trading plan and strategies.

Yes, our system is a live web based system. You can get real time update screening from your laptop, mobile phone, tab or any device that have internet browser and internet connection.

Yes. Currently our system can link with 1 trading platform. But its only open for corporate and commercial and institution entities.

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