MathCraft is a leading proprietary fintech company in Malaysia providing proprietary trading system for Bursa Malaysia. We are consistently investing in development and research continuation through our technology and innovation.

we are a group of passionate people towards system development using .NET framework and financial data analysis to develop a robust application like automated trading system, Algorithmic trading, Machine learning and Application System Development.

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Try Our Automated Shariah Compliant Trading System

BIMB Securities has launched an automated shariah compliant trading system for Bursa Malaysia Equity Trading known as Equity Sentry (E-Sentry). E-Sentry is a cloud-based robotics trading specifically designed to cater the complexity of trading in Bursa Malaysia by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology.

Emotion Control 89%
Capital Management 100%
Speed Action 88%
Technical Analysis 75%
User Friendly 85%
Risk Management 100%
Monitoring 90%
Real Time 100%

E-Sentry using cloud based technology where trader is no longer worry about any problem related with power electricity, internet speed or even spending on having high expensive laptop or computer to use it. The process of stock analysis, stock selection, stock execution and monitoring being performed real time.


E-Sentry has passed the Shariah Adviser Committee of BIMB Securities to ensure that E-Sentry system follow the shariah compliance regulation.