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Trading Characteristics = Stock Characteristics

TARANUM is a web based systems which provide real time analysis towards Malaysia Stock Market movement and acting like Digital Mobile Advisor for the trader to select potential stocks to move within 5 days. Trader can choose variety of trading plan which is fully customized according to their trading characteristics. Each of the trader are unique. Trading characteristics, Capital, Emotion and Thinking behavior are different from one trader to another. Due to that, one single trading plan cannot guarantee it can work with other trader as well. Understand the relationship between Trading Characteristics and Stock Characteristics is our priority in finding good stock to trade in short period of time.

What we

do for you

We provide a real time stock screening for bursa malaysia to helps trader in finding good potential stocks to move in 5 trading days. The system can be accessed using mobile phones, tablet, laptop from anywhere and at anytime. This will helps trader that on the go and do not have time to trade in front of computers.

Market Forecasting

We provide Stock Market Prediction and Forecast Analysis based on Mathematical Algorithm for your financial sustainabilities.

Trading Plan & Money Management

Each of traders are unique. Due to that, same trading plan cannot be applied for every traders. Trading plan and Money Management must be customized according to the personal trading characteristics and capital. We provide customization trading plan & strategies according to your trading characteristics.

Real Time Stock Screening

Taranum based on real time screening over more than 900 stocks in Malaysia Stock Market. As real time, trader can select and choose stocks at the right timing, right price and projection of holding. Trader can have flexibility in planning their selection and not easy being manipulated by the short stock movement which can lead to the losses and disappointment.

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Real Time Technical Analysis and Stock Screening



With RM10,000 can generate 50-60% per month capital return.



Active & Progressive support group



Trader for trader advice and technical discussion

IT Operations


Real time support and monitoring for data consistency and system availability by our IT Team



We have a perfect combination of Technical Analyst, Traders, Academicians, Mathematicians and Fund Managers who keep contributing towards development of Taranum Systems.



Customize trading strategy, trading plan and money management



Continuous learning and practice is the key in profitable consistency in Taranum Systems

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